Image Pleasure

Francisca Valenzuela

- Armadura -

Direction: Francisco "Caco" Marshall
Art Director: Rodrigo Miranda Recasens
DF: Brian Welch
Wardrove: Claudia Vitali & Aristocracy
Frantastic 2014-2015

The video, with a timeless and minimalist aesthetic , and a Surround Air That fits perfectly with hypnotic beats of the song, is based entirely on the interpretation of Francisca and transits For Different stylistic and Emotional moments . It starts with her in the darkness , surrounded with an atmosphere almost divine , Where the stoic faces and upright Camera , Wearing A long golden armor . As the song grows and the chorus explodes, Francisca sheds its shell and front contorts into a scenery of fuchsia light - red , magnetic , futuristic , showing Exposed and vulnerable , yet strong and empowered. The climax of the video emerges in the instance of instrumental part , where we see the silhouette of Francisca "Floating " or "swimming " In this mysterious atmosphere. " Armor " It was recorded in one day in Santiago , Chile, and the Concept Video WAS DEVELOPED BY Same singer with the director of the video, Marshall Francisco.